Digital High-Res JPEGs with Professional Retouch

As part of its photographic product range, MSS Image offers clients high resolution images in JPEG format, perfect for either print or the web.
Before you receive the final copies, your images will undergo professional retouch treatment to remove any imperfections or blemishes and improve the overall look of the photo.
The retouched and finalised images are provided in JPEG format on a disk or as a download on the web.


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  • 1 High-Res Retouched Image
  • 3 High-Res Retouched Images
  • 6 High-Res Retouched Images
  • 12 High-Res Retouched Images
  • 20 High-Res Retouched Images
* Not redeemable on any credit voucher


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  • $110
  • $270
  • $420
  • $720
  • $1095